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Before you configure the Web API tile for use with Pingdom you need to create a Pingdom provider in SquaredUp DS. For more information on how to use the tile see How to use the Web API tile with Pingdom

Adding a provider is a one-time configuration task, and once the provider has been configured it can be used each time you configure a tile.

You may like to refer to the Pingdom API documentation or speak to your Pingdom expert.

For Pingdom the provider must be created as a simple provider:

  1. In SquaredUp DS navigate to the right-hand menu ☰ > system > Integrations

  2. Under Integrations click Web API.
  3. Click the authentication type Simple
  4. In the service name box type in a suitable name, e.g. Pingdom
  5. The base URL should be the current Pingdom API URL, for example:
    We recommend you include the API version here in the base URL, so if the API version changes you only need to update it here, rather than in every tile.
  6. Under default headers click add
  7. Add the following:
    name: authorization
    value: Bearer <API token from Pingdom>

    You can create an API key (token) by logging in to Pingdom > Settings > Pingdom API > Add API token

    Enter a Name, leave the Access Level set to Read access and click Generate token.

    Copy the API token from Pingdom before closing the window:

    Paste the API token into the authorization value box in SquaredUp DS, prepended by the word Bearer and a space
  8. Click Save.

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