This is a really simple dashboard showing how to use the Salesforce API to query for data using SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language). It displays summed up accounts, contacts and opportunities using the SOQL count function.

How do I import and configure this dashboard?

  1. Ensure you're using SquaredUp DS v5.4 or above.

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  2. A Salesforce Admin needs to create a new Connected App in Salesforce with the following settings:
    • "Enable OAuth Settings" - activated
    • A callback URL in the format
      Note: The last part of the URL has to be Salesforce, because it needs to be identical with the name of the provider you're going to create for the tiles in this dashboard.
    • Granted OAuth scopes:
      • Manage user data via APIs (api)
      • Perform requests at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)
    • IP restrictions:
      Change the IP Relaxation setting to Relax IP restrictions in the Edit Policies area.
      Alternatively, you can whitelist the IP address for your SquaredUp server in the Profiles admin area.
  3. Create a Web API provider to connect to your Salesforce environment with the following settings:

    Note: The name is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly like given here for the tiles to recognize the provider automatically. If you name it differently, you will need to select the provider manually for each tile on the dashboard.

    Grant type
    Authorization code
    Base URL
    The base URL to your Salesforce environment in the format
    Ignore invalid SSL
    Send authorization with query
    Authorization URL
    Token URL
    Client ID and secret
    The Consumer Key of the Connected App you're using for SquaredUp DS. You can find it in Salesforce, in the App Manager area of the Connected App.
    Note: When creating a new Connected App in Salesforce, it can take 20-30 minutes before the Consumer Key becomes active for API usage. This may cause the provider to fail to authorize. If this happens, wait 10 minutes and then click Perform Authorization again.
    Client secret
    The Consumer Secret of your Connected App you're using for SquaredUp DS. You can find it in Salesforce, in the App Manager area of the Connected App.
    Authorization scope
    api offline_access
  4. Download and import this dashboard pack.

  5. Each tile has a Salesforce SOQL query in the Headers & Data panel. Change the query to a query that works for your Salesforce environment:
    1. Edit the tiles by clicking the Edit button.
    2. Open the Headers & Data panel.
    3. Paste your query in the Data section.
      Examples for generic queries you can use:
      SELECT Name FROM Account
      SELECT Name, Owner.Name FROM Account
      SELECT Count(Name) FROM Contacts
  6. Publish the dashboard.

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