This article describes how to download a specific dashboard pack. You can download dashboard packs from and learn more about how dashboard packs work here: Dashboard Packs


This dashboard gives an overview of incidents and alerting from PagerDuty.

How do I import and configure this dashboard?

  1. Ensure you're using SquaredUp DS v5.4 or above.

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  2. Create a Web API provider to connect with your PagerDuty environment.
    Use the following settings:
    Simple auth

    Note: The name is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly like given here for the tiles to recognize the provider automatically. If you name it differently, you will need to select the provider manually for each tile on the dashboard.

    Enter the base url for the PagerDuty API, i.e.
    default headers
    Enter your PagerDuty API token in the following format:
    First box (name): authorization
    Second box (value): Token token=API token from PagerDuty
  3. Download and import this dashboard pack.

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