Troubleshooting licensing and activation

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manage user licenses?

How to manage Named Users

What can I do if users are unable to logon?

Troubleshooting users being unable to logon

How do I know which license is currently being used?

How to check which license key is being used

Users get an error logging on

Troubleshooting users being unable to logon

Troubleshooting Activation

How do I activate my license?

How to activate your license

Which license key do I use to activate SquaredUp DS?

Licensing Overview

How can I activate if my SquaredUp server cannot connect to the internet?

That's fine, you can perform a manual or offline activation on another computer that has got internet access and then copy the .bin activation file onto the server.

How to activate your license offline (manual activation)

I've been asked to 'reactivate' my license, how do I do that?

You will be asked to reactivate your existing license key, if it has been modified or extended.

How to reactivate your license

"License already activated" or "Maximum activations reached"

Activation keys are normally valid for a limited number of activations.

Your Primary Production license key can only be activated once.

If you uninstall and reinstall on the same server and you originally carried out an offline activation (as described in How to activate your license offline (manual activation))then you can reuse the same .bin file by browsing to <SquaredUpURL>/InstallLicense. The .bin file cannot be used on a different server.

How to activate your license

If you need any help please contact SquaredUp Support

An error occurred: The key provided is invalid. Activation keys must consist of at least 5 groups of letters and digits

SquaredUp DS license keys have a text prefix followed by 5 groups of letters and numbers:


For example:


Please contact SquaredUp Support

The activation key you have entered is incompatible with this version of SquaredUp DS

The activation key being used is not valid for the version of SquaredUp DS.

Please contact SquaredUp Support

This key has expired

Some license activation keys (such as for technical preview releases and evaluation licenses) are only valid for a limited time period. Contact SquaredUp Support

For other renewable licenses you will normally be able to renew your license before it expires. As part of this renewal process, SquaredUp DS will update your existing license with the new subscription term, so you can simply reactivate your license for the changes to take effect.

How to reactivate your license

If your license expires before you are able to renew then you may be sent a new license activation key, which you should paste into the activation screen to activate the new key, when prompted when you open SquaredUp DS.

How to activate your license

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